Siam Makro Public Company Limited was established in 1988, to operate the member-based wholesale center, under the name “Makro”. Makro has continuously expands our branches to provide a wide range and assortment of product, to our professional members and business operators nationwide, including retailers, restaurants, catering businesses, service business operators, government agencies, education institutions and other business operators.

Makro commits to be the business partner, by sourcing a wide array of quality products at the price that the customers can resell to make profit and allows customers to manage cash flow effectively for a sustainable growth.

Makro also operates the business with social responsibility under good corporate governance, in order to confirm our commitment of being. “Your Trusted Partner”.

In 2018, Siam Makro Public Company Limited has expanded the business internationally to Myanmar by set up Aro Commercial Company Limited (100% owned by Siam Makro Public Company Limited) and aim to open the first Makro store in Yangon, with sale area of 7,000 sq.m, selling over 12,000 SKUs.

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